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Automated Recruiting

With Senior Life, building a team has never been more streamlined.

Our system streamlines the entire recruiting process. The moment a recruit applies for a position with you, they are instantly added to your CRM. Once they enter the CRM, they will begin to get a series of text messages and emails providing them with information about the opportunity at Senior Life.

We will work with you to sync your times of availability to the CRM so the recruit can schedule a time to speak with you about coming to work with Senior Life. This allows you to stay focused on building your business as efficient as possible. Talk to recruits that are wanting to talk to you.

After the initial phone call, you will move them to the correct disposition and the system will continue to send them reminders and check-in with them on the progress they are making with their class or contracting.

It’s time to build bigger and better than ever!

How It Works

Ready to get started? Here’s the first steps.

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Pick A PlanPick an option from the recruiting plan listed below. We have three recommended options for you to choose from.
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Request An AccountAfter you’ve picked your recruiting plan, you’ll be ready to request your account. Complete our registration form.
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Build Your TeamAfter your information has been submitted, we’ll set up your portal & send you instructions on how to get started!

How much will I invest?

The cost of your selected marketing plan and a $59/week portal maintenance fee will be charged directly to your agent account + text messaging fees. We’ll also need to set up an account for you on our texting service & provide you with credentials so that you may track your texting budget.

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Recruiting Plans

Here are the recruiting plans. You can select or combine any of these options.


  • Single Campaign$75/week
  • Upgraded Campaign$150/week
  • High Level Campaign$250/week


  • Single Campaign$75/week
  • Dual Campaign$150/week
  • High Level Campaign$250/week
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Request Your Account

Fill out the form below in order to request.

Pre-Registration Checklist

  • I’ve selected a recruiting plan. You’ll need to let us know what recruiting options you want as you register. This allows us to set up & connect your campaigns so that applicants can be imported into your portal.
  • I have my payment information ready. You will be asked to schedule a 15-minute phone call after filling out this form. During this phone call, we’ll use your credit card information set up the service that we use for texting, NOT your advertising costs. You will see a charge $20 on your account to set up your initial texting budget. Each time you send and receive a text from your system, a small amount (.0075 cents) will be deducted from this budget. Once your budget reaches 0, your account will auto-refill. After your account has been set up, we’ll provide you with the credentials for this service.
  • I know what times I’ll be available for interviews. You’ll need to provide what days and hours that you’ll usually be available for recruits to book an interview with you.
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Build Your Team

We run ads. You speak to recruits.

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Once you’ve picked a marketing plan, our marketing team will manage your ads. The instant a recruit applies to your ad, they will be sent texts and emails to book an interview with you.

This means that you’ll have interviews lined up with tons of potential recruits without even lifting a finger! Our automated system makes recruiting super simple.


If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to us by clicking the button below & a representative will be in touch with you shortly.